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Kumjong Mountain Fortress, at the top of Kumgang (Diamond) Mountain. This 15th century fortress reminds me of the Citadel back in Halifax....but it's a hell of a lot further up.

The easy way is to take a cable car up. When I first saw this photo in Halifax, on the Pusan Tourist Homepage, I decided then that I just HAD to ride that cablecar...

....and here's my shot, taken from inside the car.

You can see how crowded the city is. Sometimes, when I look out the window of my classroom, I get a strange feeling of familiarity, like I am back in St. Ann's in Cape Breton or at the foot of Kelly's Mountain...but that somehow four million people have been transplanted there. Traffic is really heavy down in the city, it's rather polluted, and sometimes I have to wear earplugs at night to get to sleep.

But Korea's saving grace are it's mountains. It is very quiet at the top of the mountains, and the air is incredibly sweet and clean.

No wonder Koreans love to sing.

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