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A Terrorist Group Strikes

Your country is in crisis. A well-known international terrorist group has taken control of a Boeing-747 airplane currently flying to this country, and are threatening to blow up the plane once it arrives at the airport.

As the members of your country's Cabinet, you must respond effectively. The terrorists are demending the release 100 convicted terrorists, currently in prison in this country. They are also demanding the release of 15 terrorists in US jails, \100 billion won (\10,000,000,000) in cash, and 50 kilograms of C-4 explosives.

The people on board the plane include over 100 citizens, 50 people from other countries, the American Embassador to your country, two law-enforcement officers (with hidden guns) - and the President of your country.

If their demands are met, the terrorists say they will release the American Embassador and half of the plane's passengers in the capital city. Then the plane will take off again and land in another country that is unfriendly to yours. They will then release the President and the other half of the passengers. The terrorists claim that if all of their demands are not met, they will blow up the plane, killing everyone onboard. The terrorists also claim that they have several hundred kilos of chemical weapons onboard, although the military thinks this is unlikely. If there are chemical weapons onboard, however, thousands of people in the capital could be killed by poisonous gas.

Your options are:

    1. Give in to the terrorists demands completely.
    2. Refuse to negotiate.
    3. Attack the plane as soon as it lands at the airport.
    4. ?

Additional points to think about:

    * Your government is unstable, and is in danger of losing the next national election

    * The United States wants to present a strong response to international terrorism and would prefer not to negotiate, but they are willing to cooperate with your government because your country is important to regional political stability in Asia.

    * If the President of your country is killed, you (or one of your fellow Cabinet members in the room) may become the next President.

The plane lands in one hour. What will you do?