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The Toolbox

Pictures and sounds.

Homepage Management

    Geocities File Manager
    Tripod Homepage Manager

Shareware Sites

    Jumbo Shareware
    The Shareware Link
    Star: Developer Direct Shareware
    Virtual Shareware Library
    The Father of Shareware (many shareware links)
    Winzip: PKunzip for Windows and Winzip's Shareware Links
    ZD Net Shareware general index.
    Other Distributors of Shareware

    To download selected shareware directly, use:

    Wincopy Screen Capture Program
    VMPEG V1.2a Windows MPEG Player
    HTML Writer 3.0
    LView Pro 1B

HTML Authoring Tools

    The Free Pages Page
    Basic and advanced help in HTML can be found here , here , here , here and here .
    HTML color code help can be found here , here , here and here .
    Cut and Paste HTML will let you write HTML right from your browser.
    The Backgrounder will let you make backgrounds for your page.
    HTML Processor will let you strip HTML tags from documents. Good editing functions.
    Making Tables in HTML
    HTML Style Checklist
    Once you're finished your hompage, use Submit It! to list it with 15 major search engines.
    The Web Professional's Digest
    Don's World - Technical Resources and Utilities

Graphics, GIFs, MPEG and Sound Links

    Fine Art - Images by Period
    Frizzy's Balls and Images
    Making Transparent GIFs
    3D Digital Graphics Imaging
    Barry's Clip Art Server
    WWW Clip Art Sites
    The Web Professional's Digest: Graphics
    Patrick Henessey's Interactive WWW Graphics Generator
    WhirlGIF - GIF Animation Software
    GIF Construction Set (GIF animation software).
    The MPEG FAQ
    The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ
    Windows 3.1 Graphics Software
    Imagemapping Software for your homepage.

Stuff at the bottom of the toolbox:

    Apache HTTP Server Project
    Butch's Links
    Consumate Winsock Applications List
    Countdown Examples
    Figlet Ascii Font Converter
    FreeTown Home Page - The World Famous Guestbook Server
    Mind Link Super Links
    Softmart, Inc. -- The smart resource for business
    The Internet Link Exchange
    The Internet Services List
    Unique Consumer Product Software Package Available for Premiums and Incentives
    Virtual Tourist II World Map
    Web Site Manager
    Welcome to
    Yahoo! World Wide Web:Communication

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